I’m On a Mission

Hi! IMG_1356-2I’m so glad you visited my blog today! I’ve made it my mission to defy OCD. It’s my hope that this blog will have a greater impact than what I can possibly accomplish in only so many hours at my private practice.

I’m so excited that this blog is helping clients in between sessions and reaching many who do not even have a therapist. I tell you I have a fire in my belly when it comes to OCD! Grrrrr… If I were to sum up how people describe me, here it is:

  • I’m an unorthodox independent thinker who is quick to respond to your obstacles with novel approaches.
  • I’m able to look at the same old problem your facing with a new perspective.
  • I value creativity and use cutting-edge thinking to help you confront OCD.
  • I remain calm in situations of pressure and am ruthless in attacking your OCD.
  • My “can do” attitude invigorates those around me. You’re not a victim, you’re a victor!
  • I don’t look at how something can fail, I look at how it can succeed. We won’t quit until you are set free.
  • My quest for variety and new experiences means I am constantly applying newly researched strategies.
  • I’m an expert in the treatment of OCD and am highly skilled at what I do. At my highest value, I teach you a clever mental Kung Fu approach.

The only way I can make a greater impact in the battle against OCD is if you help me. It’d be so awesome if you’d leave a comment on one of the posts that speak to you. Ask me questions!

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Free Your Mind. Free Your Life. Defying OCD