Why OCD Visits You In Your Sleep

It’s hard enough to have OCD during waking hours, but why does OCD infiltrate dreams too? Are you performing rituals even in your sleep? Do you obsess in the form of a nightmare? 

While you might feel alarmed about OCD visiting you during sleep, I’m here to tell you it’s a good sign. Your mind is looking out for you by using dreams to get your attention. 

Dreaming about OCD is signaling you to step up more than you have been. Perhaps there is a compulsion you need to resist or someone in your life you need to stand up to. The purpose of dreaming about OCD is to get you to stop doing what you’re doing and take a different action. You’re not listening while awake so now the message is being delivered at a subconscious level. 

Whatever you are avoiding, it must be having a negative impact on the quality of your life. So your dreams are here to help.

Stop Procrastinating

If you’re dreaming about OCD, ask yourself what you need to change. Your dreams about OCD means it’s time to take charge of a situation that has become serious. Consider the strong possibility that you need to stop procrastinating and confront an uncomfortable circumstance.

Take Better Care of Yourself

Has feeding OCD reached critical mass? Be honest, have you become severely impaired because of compulsive behavior? Is there a compulsion (including avoidance) that is detrimental to your health or making you unsafe? You might be dreaming about OCD because, at a deeper level, your mind is warning you. Your dreams might be saying the way you are feeding OCD is unhealthy if not dangerous.

Be Assertive

Sometimes when you dream about OCD it’s your mind’s way of saying you need to be more assertive. Clearly, with a diagnosis of OCD, you are constantly reminded that only one of you can be the boss. So when you start having dreams about OCD it might be your mind’s way of reminding you about the importance of being enduring not wary, decisive not hesitant, daring not fearful, and authoritative not bullied. 

Take Charge

Your dreams might be saying this is no time to be timid. Do you need to take charge of OCD or some other circumstance in your life? Perhaps there is a person who is taking advantage of you and needs to be confronted. Maybe there is a daunting task you keep putting off and it’s weighing on you heavily. Your unsettling dreams are telling you time is running out…take action…resolve this.

If you are performing compulsions it’s detrimental to your well-being. If you are avoiding conflict or necessary tasks, this will increase your level of stress and keep you from fulfilling your “dreams”–the ones that matter.

Don’t be surprised if the dreams about OCD persist. Never estimate the power of your brain and its ability to signal you to take action.