Rock Out This Summer!

Do you bounce back-n-forth between feeling either wired or tired? Many people with OCD find it very difficult to have a “moderate” or “ordinary” energy level.  It’s quite unsettling because it seems like there is rarely a happy medium; energy is either blocked or excessive.  

When you’re feeling wired, you tend to burn off your excess energy with unfounded fears. You can literally feel your brain buzzing. If your energy is blocked you’re here, but not here. Some of you describe it as feeling empty, foggy or “out to lunch.”

Wired or tired; you’re ungrounded. It’s the perfect opportunity for OCD to chatter away because when you’re ungrounded, there’s an imbalance of power. OCD knows you’ve only got “one foot on the ground,” and that’s not a stable position.

When you’re ungrounded, you lose control of your focus and become hyper-fixated on nonessentials. OCD wreaks havoc on your sense of reality. You begin to imagine all kinds of things. Everything OCD says seems real. Which leads to compulsive behaviors and useless in-depth analysis.

However, when you’re grounded your energy feels balanced, and you think logically and look upon each day with clarity.

grounding activity

How can you get grounded?

Many people exercise to release excess energy. Exercising provides a grounding effect, especially if you exercise outdoors.

However, exercising isn’t an option for everyone due to physical limitations, time constraints or it’s just not enjoyable.

How can you get grounded if exercise isn’t an option?

The disconnection from the earth is an often overlooked contribution to the imbalance of power—too much anxiety or too much depression.

Connecting the Body to the Earth

Many of you know I highly recommend hugging trees or laying down on the grass or digging into a garden to get grounded. Think of it this way: Direct contact with anything from the ground provides you with “electrical” nutrition. You can find plenty of research about this in the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever. Numerous studies are showing that grounding can reduce inflammation, which has been tied to symptoms of OCD.

So…this leads me to rock out this summer!

My latest fascination with grounding techniques involves rocks! Can you believe it! Even rocks provide electrical nutrition!

Rock Out This Summer With These Activities!

Collecting Stones

Even hunting for rocks is nutritional! You will feel balanced and grounded simply looking for rocks–much like walking on the beach looking for shells. Read what one person wrote about his love for rocks:

They are pure magic!

I love when you pick up a boring grey stone and then it sparkles in the sunlight. I love the amazing patterns. I love the geometry of crystals.

I love that crystals can make a radio work. I love that rocks and stones are millions of years old in a world of 2-minute attention spans. I love all the colors.

I love that a stone will look different when it gets wet. I have even been known to lick a stone to see that, but I prefer dribbling some water from my H2O bottle on it.

I love that the Ancient Greeks were able to carve stone and make it look like sheer fabric.

I love the feel of a smooth river stone in your hand.

I love that they hold clues to other worlds. Images of dinosaurs and coral, plants and insects made millions of years before the invention of cameras and Flickr. And I love that some of them have traveled all the way from Mars and beyond, despite the fact that they can’t move on their own.

I love that some can be melted to make glass and that some can, counter-intuitively, float.

I love skipping stones on glass-like water.

I love that people build houses from them that last thousands of years.

I love that I can cross a creek without getting my feet wet by stepping from rock to rock and finding the “best” way across.

I love that I can turn a rock over with my kids and discover a bunch of hidden animals. Salamanders, millipedes, worms, beetles, ants.

I love that all children love to collect pretty rocks and line them up on the porch railing.

I’m pretty sure this person doesn’t have contamination fears! Might as well do an exposure exercise while you’re grounding!

Stone Stacking

I came upon a Rock Cairn one day in my travels, and it piqued my curiosity. I Googled rock stacking and soon discovered it’s used for directional purposes AND a brilliant grounding activity.  

Initially, you might lack confidence. “I don’t think I can find a way to make them balance.” Build it anyway. It’s very rare that people feel confident about trying something new. Confidence is something that is developed AFTER trying something new.

This picture of a rock cairn was sent to me by a client who was on a hike. The top stone is a “beak” or a “duckie” and it’s pointing the direction of the path.grounding activity

Stone Painting

I first became fascinated when I learned of a Facebook Group called Grand Rapid Rocks. They paint stones and then leave them in public places for people to find. What a great idea! It’s a beautiful way to practice random acts of kindness. And, it’s also a fantastic grounding technique.

I’m not crafty at all but, I decided to try painting a stone. I found lots of ideas on Pinterest and selected a bee as my first attempt. (I saved the pin if you want to see the directions.) 

Considering my bug phobia, I thought painting an insect was a kooky choice. I was ill-equipped with only one too-large paintbrush. So at first, I was self-critical of my crooked lines but then I reminded myself it doesn’t matter! Who cares!

Then I let my inner child out and had some fun. 

focus activity

I hope you ROCK OUT this summer!

Connect with the earth and get nourished!

The more grounded you are the more power you have to beat OCD.

p.s. If you have children, rock painting is an excellent grounding activity for the whole family.  Just google Stone Activities for the Backyard.

10 thoughts on “Rock Out This Summer!”

  1. I love that we literally live ON a giant rock! The soil that grows our plants is also partly made up of weathered rock.

  2. This is awesome! I love these ideas! I’ve been practicing fear of contamination by picking up coins off the ground when I go for long walks. In addition to ERP practice, I made 20 cents so far! 🙂 And after reading this post, now I see that by picking up coins, I am also getting that connection to the Earth which I’ve also heard helps balance out the excess electromagnetic energy we all get from using wifi devices like phones/tablets/laptops.

  3. I am inspired to get out my collection of pebbles and stones that, as a 10 year old, I gathered on a family camping trip to the west coast! I haven’t opened the bag since I was ten….now I suddenly want to stack and walk all over them!

    1. Oh I’m excited! I want to hear more about these rocks from your childhood! I’m totally in. Very curious to see, hear, touch. These aren’t just any stones!

  4. Hiking and nature are extremely important to me, not only because I love it, but I also find it to be extremely grounding. I notice when I am engaged in this activity, the “chatter” is almost non-existent. I feel one with nature and I marvel in its beauty, serenity and all that is has to offer. Rocks have actually become a very important part of my life over the past three years or so and I myself have built well over 50 Cairns amidst my hiking travels and I find it very relaxing and empowering. Each rock has its own story and now I must solve a puzzle to create the Cairn. I actually search for the most difficult and awkwardly shaped rocks available and I work very patiently and diligently to defy gravity. Once finished, I take a step back and marvel in the creation, to me it is beautiful and very relaxing.

    I have never actually told anyone this, but I have a special lake that I go to, not only for its loons, tranquility and picturesque mountains that surround the entire lake, but I spend HOURS and I mean HOURS playing in the rocks, like a little kid. I literally sit down in the sand/dirt, with my metal sifter I bought from the dollar store and I dig up the sand and all the rocks, I sift away the sand, then I spend hours looking through all the rocks and pebbles. I look for special coloring, textures, patterns, shapes etc. BUT what I pay special attention to while panning for rocks are rocks with actual garnet in them!!! I have been collecting rocks with garnet in them for the past three years now and have accumulated a pretty astonishing collection. I am a fish at heart and getting me out of the water is almost impossible, but when my fingers and toes look like 20 year old raisins, I know it is time to move to the much larger rocks!! I walk (barefoot) along the shore line and I turn all of them over, looking for that special rock. This special rock will shimmer in red beauty, It will be covered in the most absolute gorgeous gemstone I know, garnet. One day I hit the jackpot! I brought home an absolutely beautiful and breathtaking rock, littered with sparkling garnet. I take very special care of this rock and have it displayed in my garden.

    Rocks are VERY grounding and they are so beautiful and they all tell such a magical story. Just take a moment and think how long they have been here, where they have been and how they were formed, its truly beautiful if you think about it. This was a great article Tammy!

    1. Wow, you have written a beautiful tribute to rocks! Your description makes me want to go out rock hunting! 50 Cairns, holy moly! Anyone feeling ungrounded can get an idea of what to do from your post!

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