The Secret Sauce to Defying OCD

160_f_88598986_7n3re0kng1ddhl9awxrpqetdbxqmpiom“OCD is telling me I can’t.             It’s telling me I’m gonna feel like this forever. It’s telling me to      give up trying.”

She isn’t giving up.                                                             She’s posting her journey on Facebook:

Day 1:  I’m not going to let OCD rob me.
Day 2:  I’m getting up and fighting. Gonna work out.
Day 3:  It’s up to me to live my life. Even if that little monster says I can’t or don’t deserve it…I’m getting up, showering, and going to town.
Day 4:  I woke up feeling down. Letting whatever thoughts I have come and however I feel is just a feeling. Going on a date with my hubby…

How is she doing this? She’s depressed. Just 4 days ago she was hopeless. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. And then she’d had enough. She made a decision. 

She’s only posted her first four days and…  

She’s giving away the secret sauce to defying OCD.

5 Ways You CAN Beat OCD

748fdeb36b5be4bd2107f9beddf1bdf7#1 Think You Can

Even if you think, “Well, maybe I can.” That works too! You don’t even have to say it out loud. Even if you think you can’t, act like you can.

            ” I Think I Can.”


160_f_68804740_askoxuf41fa0chht4srllzitpreuqadr#2 Do It Now

Life rewards action. The longer you hesitate or procrastinate, the less likely you’ll take the action needed to defy OCD.


 img_1496#3 What Are You Fighting For?

Sometimes your own freedom isn’t enough. The cold ugly truth is that OCD doesn’t easily let you love yourself. Who or what else can you fight for?

160_f_114356982_yvm1q4cshrhronjwai8ucszphvr4xgcv#4 There’s Nothing oCd Gives. It Only Takes.

Avoiding or performing a compulsion (or mental act) might give you temporary relief, but it’s sole purpose is to make a junkie out of you. 

160_f_114590332_yltylhvotpnnee3logxjxv6rheeoghlf#5 Fake It ’til You Become It

Your thoughts don’t matter. What you do and what you say…that’s what matters. No matter how you feel, do the next right thing.

More to come. I’ll keep you posted of her journey.

In the meantime, Which one of these “5 Ways to Defy OCD” have you tried? How’d it go?

Can you suggest other ways? I’m sure she’d love your input. Please leave your anonymous comment for her and all those reading.

8 thoughts on “The Secret Sauce to Defying OCD”

  1. Thank you again! Great post. Today I had one of these very moments mid way through my hour-of-unpleasantness where I wanted to quit. I thought about what you said previously, how it causes more anxiety to live in avoidance, and kept going. I exceeded my exposure goal for today and feel RE-ENERGIZED!! Thanks!!

    1. Your response is so very appreciated. I’m following your journey too, from all YOUR comments. And your brain is one lean mean fighting machine!!!

  2. Thanks, Tammy! I feel like I have tried all these tips at different times. Fake it till you make it resonates with me a lot . Thoughts are not important–what you do and say is what is important. As I have learned from you, thoughts and feelings are impermanent and are not to be trusted as truth. They will pass. My values are what is important and doing stuff that resonates with my values even when it feels scary to do so–like taking our son to a library story hour even though I am feeling scared, or going on a hike to a new place. 🙂

  3. Thank you for this! The timing was perfect. I’ve been having tough days. Bossing it back at every turn. Showered, dressed, at work…ready to start my ” yucky hour”.
    Life rewards action. Keep on moving!

  4. Somehow I will try to tap in to the hopefulness l find in these posts. Living alone and no longer working makes for some long stretches of time to wrestle with OCD . I can’t imagine how beneficial it would be to have someone at home to lean on, to simply see and be with. With that said, l am going to get the dog and go for a freezing walk:)

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