I’m Being Bullied

I’m being bullied by four men and one woman. I see them two or three times a week, whenever I play racquetball. I used to not have a care in the world when I walked into the club. I was on cloud nine and couldn’t wait to play my two friends. Now, I’m feeling apprehensive and wondering “What’s this mob going to do today?” They kick us off the court we’re playing in, “This is our court. We’ve played here for 27 years and this has always been our court. Move it.” Even though we reserved the court! We tried ignoring them but they just walked right onto the court and started playing! The woman is the worst of them all—really mean and intense. 160_F_49945142_70QUyFDXNFnP4JgMbORVBgxUOwUTMuqKShe’s so mean the pregnant woman who works there had to go to the hospital because her blood pressure hit the roof when this woman berated her.

Sunday morning they interrupted our play once again to tell us to move our things off the bench in the hallway. “Benches are for sitting, not things.” We didn’t like their approach but could understand they wanted to sit on the bench. We moved our things to a different bench. They never even sat on the bench! They played at the other end of the hall. Where’s the logic in that!

I’m so mad at myself. Why am I doing whatever they tell me to do! They’re just harassing us for the fun of it! They sit around and drink shots of Fireball and apparently have a long history of bullying people at the club. Last week I told one of the guys not to speak to us ever again. If they had a problem, I told him to go to the front desk. And yet, this Sunday that very same guy told me to move my things off the bench and I immediately did it!!!!! WHY AM I DOING WHATEVER THEY TELL ME TO DO?

We were going to enter a Round Robin tournament, but I just found out they play in it every week. I’ll tell you what, when you get hit with a racquet or a ball, it hurts!!!! Why would I put myself through that torture? Ah… yeah, we’ll just avoid that scene. I’m sad about it but I know they’ll play dirty. So why bother? I know, I know I’m being robbed—a part of my life is being taken from me. I’m being victimized and there’s nothing I can do. All I think about now is quitting. The owner is scared of them too.

I bet you’re wondering where I play racquetball? You want to know the name of the club? It’s called OCD.

This is day 5 of the 30 day challenge. Here’s the challenge: Call up OCD and tell it you’re coming and it ain’t going to be pretty.

If you know the moral of the story, please leave an anonymous comment!

7 thoughts on “I’m Being Bullied”

  1. HaHa – You really had me going! I was ready to tell you to bring me with you the next time you play and I’d kick their arses! This is reminding me of the recent time when I decided that inviting OCD to tea was not working and I was going to hunt it down where it hid and kill it! That strategy worked for me for several days. It’s hard to keep that high level of energy going for long periods though – not to mention the damage high levels of cortisol will have on your body over time. So, after a day or so, I realized I wasn’t hunting OCD down any longer. This is a critical time, because if I let my guard down – if I don’t have other tools in my toolbox like shrugging, ignoring it, or laughing at it, that’s when OCD can create the most trouble for me. It’s almost like manic-depression. One minute I’m “kicking ass and taking names” and the next minute I have bottomed out. That’s why tools that balance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies are so important. I think the moral of the story is that OCD (that April Fool) is really a coward. If you stand up to it, it will back off.

  2. I believe you deal with OCD like you deal with most bullies – through assertiveness. When dealing with OCD, you want to be assertive, not aggressive: being aggressive means yelling and being angry, neither of which are good for dealing with the OCD Bully. A better way is to talk to yourself in a way that is firm and straightforward. An example would be something like this: OCD: “I’m afraid I can’t let you near that place. It’s too dirty and it’s contaminated. Deal with it.” A response could be nothing at all, a shrug of the shoulders, or something like “Oh, well it’s nice that you think you’re getting in my way, but I want to go there, so I’m going. Additionally, who knows what I may find? I may find some new germ that has been hitherto undiscovered!” In my experience, mockery and laughter have also worked well on OCD, so that’s something to shoot for.

  3. Bullies try to use their power (size, status, numbers) to intimidate others. When it works the bully wins. When you ignore the bully or at least show indifference to their ways, they lose.
    OCD is definitely a bully- an invisible one. You can’t see it, but it’s there. The invisible ones sometime have more power than the ones you CAN see.
    … and about the bullies at the club, I think I know them!

  4. Wow I was really worried for a second!! You painted a very good image of OCD as a bully, especially the part where “they” asked you to move your things and they didn’t even use the bench. I feel like that represents the futility of compulsions. OCD is a bully no doubt and you have to be firm with it or else it will keep hitting harder (no pun intended, lol).

    1. Oh I love your comment about the futility in compulsions! I was worried no one would catch that!!! Awesome!

  5. This is such a good blog!!! It’s all true. And when put in this context it’s much easier to realize it’s time to take back control.

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