How to Talk to Your Brain When it’s Nervous and Worrying

When your brain is worrying it can feel like you’re a hamster stuck in a ball. You just keep spinning  in circles trying to talk your way out of the worry. To get unstuck, you’ve got to talk to your brain—with determination.160_F_62563860_KoQNE9tlvxnoJU0MBLvrg3KVOTdOXazi

Determination is a mindset, not a feeling. In order to be determined, you have to sound determined.

To sound determined, try these different tones:

Use a matter-of-fact tone of voice. Even though you might feel emotional, don’t sound emotional.  Fake that you’re not angry or afraid. Like this:

Another tone of voice that ekes determination is to sound like you are taunting your worrying brain. You might actually feel scared out of your mind, but you don’t sound it at all. You sound determined to tease it and willing to make matters worse. Like this:

Another way to sound determined to move on and let go of the worry is to sound bored. Like this:

Finally, another way to show your brain that you’re determined to move on is to sound like you don’t mind being anxious. Like this:

Here is the challenge: To sound determined even when you don’t feel determined. 

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4 thoughts on “How to Talk to Your Brain When it’s Nervous and Worrying”

  1. An “opportunity” to practice this came up at work today, not too long after I read this post. I got an email about an event that is occurring next week. If I chose to accept this invitation, it would count toward a certification I am working toward. At first, my anxiety peaked at bit in general, then it peaked a bit more when I saw that my calendar would make accepting the invite problematic. Then, in a calm, matter-of-fact way, I told myself that I would just have to let that opportunity pass – that it was no big deal – that there would be other chances to get what I needed. Bonus: As soon as I made that decision, I noticed that the opportunity did not quite fit for my next certification step. So two lessons learned here: 1) being calm and determined gets your worrying brain to let go of the “worry of the moment” and 2) Responding in a calm and determined way allows you to see a situation clearly. This builds confidence for continuing to sound determined even when you don’t feel determined.

    1. That’s such a great story! I love your additional comments about how determination can build clarity! Thank you!

  2. I love this post! I will remember it when I am being bugged by OCD to answer questions, which is constantly! I already use the “I’m so bored” one, and I can’t wait to try the others! It’s hard to be a victim when you welcome feelings of discomfort/anxiety and don’t resist them. It feels odd at first but in the end…I feel better!

    1. I’M SO GLAD YOU LOVE THIS POST! And your response will be inspirational to others! Thank you!

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