How to Look Determined Even if You Don’t Feel Determined

Being determined is a mindset, not a feeling. There’s a way to look determined even when you’re not feeling determined. It’s called Power Posing. Can you tell which of these poses are more powerful than others?160_F_88508281_Dk33yAbjlirfL8Vxop7HELiXYXs7O7KS

The arms up in the V with the chin lifted. Feet apart with hands on hips. Making self big, stretching out, taking up space. These are all nonverbal expressions of determination.

What do you look like when you’re not feeling determined? Small. Slumped. 160_F_1061146_ozbbt9DHg2bapfC5QTNcacEcSHCtjaThis posture won’t create determination but it will create fatigue and avoidance.

Even if you’re not feeling determined, can you fake it till you make it? Yes! When you pretend to be determined you will start to feel determined. Listen to the proof in this video.

The body can change the mind. The body is not just a vehicle for the head. Power posing literally increases testosterone (the power hormone) and decreases cortisol (the stress hormone.) Because of this, YES, you can fake it ’til you become it.

The next time I play racquetball I’m going to go into the stairwell and strike a pose before I see the mob that’s been bullying me. I’m not going to strike a pose at them. Power posing isn’t something you do to people. It’s not a way to talk to people. It’s a way to talk to yourself.

This is day 7 of the 30 day challenge. Many of the challenges this week have been about developing a mindset of determination. Here is your challenge: Before you go into a situation that triggers your anxiety or OCD strike a pose. Hold the pose for 2 minutes.

Try it right now. Let us know how it goes in the comment section!

10 thoughts on “How to Look Determined Even if You Don’t Feel Determined”

  1. I just shifted my pose while sitting at my desk and I’m trying to sit straight and not slouch and I already feel a difference! It’s true that our entire body is connected and our mind picks up on subtle signals like slouching (making us feel worse) or having good posture (making us feel better). I will try to remember when I am struggling to strike a pose or correct my posture!

  2. OMG! I wish I’d read this before my 9:30 and 10:30 meetings today! Later, I struck a pose in my office for two minutes. I wasn’t sure it would work, but it did! It’s not the pose by itself, but the pose puts you in the mindset to say confident things to yourself. I may try this every morning when I get up 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Yes! That’s great! (p.s. I don’t know if I even had it written before your meetings!)

  3. I think it’s very important to Power Pose. In addition to making yourself big, you want to make sure your chin is up and your shoulders are back. I spent a long, long time looking down and I can’t believe how much I missed. I was on a walk last fall and I remember looking up at the trees and thinking how great everything looked and how I missed things because I didn’t have a confident stance. Additionally, I think posing with power is also important when we’re sitting or walking. A non-determined (non-powerful) person will sit and take up a very small amount of space, while a confident person does the opposite. When I drove today, I sat confidently – sat straight up, eyes straight forward. When I first wanted to walk confidently, I had doubts on how exactly to do so. (A person with OCD who has doubt? Never!) What I think works is to always walk with a purpose; always walk like you’re going somewhere important, no matter where you’re going. When I walk away from my OCD chains it will be with a powerful walk!

  4. Love it! Stood up and did it right after reading it, and what a (comical) boost! It was so fun since my dog sat adoringly at my feet, but then, she always does that when I am within 10′ of her bag of treats; the cat walked away, embarrassed for me. But then, while still striking my newfound BIB stance, along came Sam Smith on the radio, singing his only hit that doesn’t make us all weep, “I Can (Can Can)”, and I found myself singing along, then OMG I was swinging my hips – AND – smiling! And all this time all I had to do was conjure up my inner wonder woman:)

    1. Ha Ha! What a great response! Love it! You rocked it out! Who da boss? You da boss!

  5. This blog and video were extremely helpful to me. I have been told that I sometimes project negativity and that I don’t seem very confident and enthusiastic during job interviews. I definitely need to work on this because this can affect the rest of my life. So I am willing to do the two-minute pose I’m even willing to make a cape full of bedazzled glitter if it’s going to make me feel more powerful!!!

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