How Much Determination is Needed?

How do you start your day out with OCD? Does it begin with snooze alarms and blankets over the head? Getting out of bed can be a major chore. It’s pretty hard to rise with enthusiasm and appreciation when you know you’re going to have an OCD side show playing in your head most of the day.

Some people will say, “I want to pop out of bed but my body just won’t move. It’s like I have a heavy weight on me.” It’s when your mind wakes up before your body. But, your mind is awake enough. There’s a tiny moment—an opportunity to start the day differently.

Do you get up and hit the snooze alarm from the other side of the room, before crawling back into bed? It’s when your body wakes up before your mind. But your body is awake enough. There’s a tiny moment—an opportunity to start the day differently.

Think about the guy who’s told he’ll never walk again. And yet he does. Every day he gets out of bed it’s because he’s found enough elbow room—barely enough but enough. It’s because he’s determined. It’s not because he has gusto. It’s because he has grit.

Remember yesterday’s challenge? Let determination drive behavior not feelings. Feelings come and go. Determination isn’t a feeling. It’s a mindset. It’s a choice.

Here’s day 3 of the 30 day challenge: The next time you feel paralyzed. Unable to take the next right step. Whether it’s getting out of bed or going for a walk. Ask yourself, “I don’t have much get-up-and-go, but do I have enough?” That’s all the elbow room you need—barely enough.

Let us know if barely enough, is enough in the comments.
By the way, I’m keeping the posts up a little bit longer than I said I would because people are commenting on each post and I want everybody to have a chance to read all these amazing, encouraging, supportive comments!

6 thoughts on “How Much Determination is Needed?”

  1. Sometimes barely enough is enough. It was enough for me the last four plus months to get to work with a bad case of sciatica. Other times barely enough is not enough. I think it depends on your level of physical and mental exhaustion. If you’ve just been through a major hurdle, it may not be the best idea to keep pushing. You have to figure out how to balance “doing” with “being.” The only way I know how to do that is to experiment, to practice. For example, yesterday I said I was going to be determined and put time into two of my least favorite tasks – taxes and housework. Well, I ended up not doing either because I got sidetracked with placing an online medicine order for my dog and the two people I’ve had to hire to help me with yard work. I ended up running an errand to get them stuff to put down for ticks. By the time they left, I was feeling better about having to ask for/get help with things I’ve always done myself, but at the same time, I was exhausted. So instead of pushing myself to start on the taxes or the cleaning late in the day, I decided to call it a day. At first, I felt like a failure, but then I managed to relax. I am glad I did. Today I completed my taxes in record time! The housework can wait until tomorrow on my pass day. I should have “barely enough” motivation to do it then 🙂

      1. Thanks! I like how you make the point that “barely enough” is not gusto, it’s grit. It was definitely grit that got me to work at the height of the sciatica. Sometimes, you have to use your grit to get to your gusto. Sometimes you’ll know how you got there, and sometimes you won’t. I try to let go of the times I don’t know how I got there. The fear there is that I won’t be able to repeat it again. But you know what, I won’t and that’s okay because the next time I will be different and the situation will be different.

  2. I will definitely keep this in mind because I deal with both of those waking up scenarios all the time. My mind either wakes up before my body or vice versa. This is also a problem with procrastination when I have the mental will to focus and work hard but my body is too tired. Or, I may have the physical energy to do tasks but lack the mental focus. I will focus on having ‘barely enough’ focus/energy to get through my tasks and waking up!

  3. Today I did not feel like going to group I didn’t have the energy to drive an hour each way, wanted to stay home and snuggle with the babies. But I told myself I needed to go and I’m glad that I did.

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