Have You Updated Your Brain Lately?

160_F_70573482_bUsLZkY9Erj5IoDagCA7kw9cAX0s74cYExposure & Response Prevention (ERP) is a tried and true therapy. There’s lots of proof it works. You’ve probably heard it works because it desensitizes you to your fears. But did you know the reason you become desensitized is because ERP actually updates the brain. You know all those updates for your PC or MAC that you put off for weeks or months? And then finally you install the updates and well by golly, look at that, everything is working so much better! Well, that’s what ERP does for your brain.

I recently told a story about a boy who was afraid of crickets. What I didn’t tell you is that when he was 11 months old his home was infested with bed bugs. When his mother discovered the bed bugs she could be heard screaming miles away. When I met him he was over 10 years old. He had no recall of the bed bugs. But, it was as if his brain was stuck in time. His brain was never updated. There is a big difference between a cricket and a bed bug. But, a child less than the age of one wouldn’t know the difference. He was a 10 year old stuck in the brain of an 11 month old. He had gained a lot of resources and skills over the years. He had become less dependent on his very anxious mother. But, his brain never got that update either. It was as if his brain kept telling him he was in danger because his mother was too panicked to protect him. His brain didn’t recognize that he didn’t need the same level of protection he needed as an 11 month old.

Some of you can pinpoint the event that occurred in your life that probably got you stuck. I say probably because there’s no way to really prove it. Whether you can pinpoint a specific event or not, you have to do the same thing. Update your brain.

There is just one very simple thing you need to know, YOUR BRAIN NEEDS TO BE UPDATED. The reason for this isn’t important. If you have OCD, until a cure is found, you will always need to update your brain. The quickest, most powerful way to do it is through ERP.

This is day 12 of a 30 day challenge. The challenge is not to try and identify the event that got you stuck. There might not even be an event and if you think there is—you won’t be able to prove it. The challenge is to accept that you MUST update your brain on an ongoing basis. If you are avoiding something it means your brain needs an update. Your brain is stuck somewhere in the past.

Do you accept that you MUST update your brain through ERP?

One thought on “Have You Updated Your Brain Lately?”

  1. I love the way this posts begins with a discussion about updates for the PC. Generally, I’ll get a reminder in the corner of my computer screen to install updates. Sometimes, I say to myself, “There’s no reason to update anything, it probably won’t do anything. Besides, I can update later.” Then I DO update and things DO run more efficiently. However – and this is the funny part – the next time the update reminder comes up, I’ll do the same things and think the same thoughts! It can be the same thing with ERP. “Sure, I’ll do the ERP, but it probably won’t do anything.” Then I do the ERP (most of the time after some procrastination) and I’ll see some improvement, but say “Sure, this time I improved a bit, but next time will be different.” I think the two main lessons here are that you must update your brain with ERP and you must do it even with any doubts that may “pop up” in your brain! Learn to live with doubt, and uncertainty.

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