10 Ideas for Adding Variety to Exposure Exercises

facefearIf your using Exposure & Response Prevention here are some creative ideas for your exposure hierarchy:

Loop Tapes
Record your unwanted intrusive thoughts and listen to it in excess.

For she’s a jolly good _________. Fill in the blank with the thing you fear that you are or will become.

Different Language
Use Google translate or Babblefish and type out your worst thought and then translate it in several different languages. Read it out loud in a foreign language.

Magnets and Bracelets
Get a roll of magnets, cut it into pieces and then write words on them. Make sentences on your fridge using trigger words. You can do the same thing by making a bracelet using letters, formed into trigger words.

Chromatic Drawings
With stick figures draw out your fear.  IMG_1316-1

Role Play
Sitting back to back (not facing each other) have someone play the role of OCD saying all the terrible thoughts that are in your mind over and over and over. Practice saying to OCD, “OK Whatever.” Then reverse roles.

Find images and make a collage of your worst fears.

Go to the bookstore or library and ask to be shown to the section you would usually do everything in your power to avoid.

Buy or make a T-shirt with trigger words or images and then wear it, even if only under another shirt. Using a marker write the letters of a trigger word on each finger, even if you jumble up the letters. Write trigger words on post-it notes and drop them in a mall parking lot.

Find a movie that has the content of your obsession. When you get to a triggering part of the movie, rewind and replay it in excess.

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  1. Great ideas! I had forgot about a few of them. I think tomorrow I will use the google translate one. And then maybe Wednesday I will drop some papers in a parking lot with trigger words on them.

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